07.03.2019 – Comfy to work

Picture taken by Whitleyisa Photography

Don’t you just love to go comfy to work? Then try on this combo: classic blazer and skirt with your favourite running shoes! It will fit no matter what if you stick with similar colours. I like to combine cold with warm tones like, in this case, blue and red.

match different patterns to unify your look.

I know it may sound contradictory, but combining different patterns will give more flow to your impression. So challenge yourself.

Picture taken by Whitleyisa Photography

I wanted to continue the snake pattern from my skirt, so I used this lace t-shirt en wear a red top underneath to match the red shade. To make my look a bit more baggy, I simply knotted a pull around my waste.

Snake prints are hot!

Everywhere you look you will find this pattern. Shoes, handbags, trousers, coats, belts, dresses, skirts, sportswear… and in all colours! I like red, so my choice was already made. But since earth tones are also a hit this year, why not choose a jumpsuit or dress in desert hues?

Picture taken by Whitleyisa Photography
blazer by h&m - t-shirt by Zara - pullover by Zara - skirt by myself - shoes by Nike

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