21.03.2019 – Utility workwear

Picture taken by Whitleyisa Photography

Drop down that jumpsuit ’cause here they are: boiler suits. No better way going to work feeling confident and strong. That’s exactly what I was going for wearing this outfit!

Pink makes it even more fun to look at.

Picture taken by Whitleyisa Photography

Every colour is optional while choosing a coverall, I just like pink. Pink has many shades and it is so lovely to see them interact with each other. What also helps are different types of fabric. Of course it’s a logical choice for utility suits to be made of strong textile like denim. It used to be invented especially for gold diggers in the late 1800’s. Well, I looked this one up for you. Levi Strauss found a really strong kind of cotton called ‘Serge de Nîmes’. Soon everyone reduced the word to ‘denim’.

Picture taken by Whitleyisa Photography

just like the word tells: to cover up all

You can definitely wear an overall just like the word is saying ‘to cover up all’. But to make it even a bit more work-a-day, I wrapped the suit over this striped and slightly oversized shirt.

Picture taken by Whitleyisa Photography

I have to confess that I am in love with this faux leather coat! It falls so smoothly and feels so soft! Velvet, (faux) leather and suede soften your look and makes it that more feminine.

And last but not least, green shoes with snake pattern. I already explained in my preview post that you are in need of snake skinned items. For this outfit green was a great option! Green and pink match so well together as they are quite complementary. Throw in some cool colours to break down the soft impression of your look. You will rock even more!

Picture taken by Whitleyisa Photography
coat by Cartoon - t-shirt by Madewell - overall by Topshop - shoes by Parfois

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